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Cones/Signs Barriers Delineators Certified Police Engineered Drawings Permits

Road, Lane & Sidewalk Closure Services

Crowe Overwatch is your one stop shop for all types of closures and traffic management. We can provide all of the devices, signs and barricades you need as well as delivery, set-up and pick-up. Let our officers take closures off of your already busy schedule.

Traffic Control Device Rental

Crowe Overwatch can support your closures at whatever level you need. We have all of the cones, signs, arrow boards, barricades, trucks, and delineators you will ever need.

Certified Police Officers

Our Police officers are certified by the State of Tennessee and are available 24/7 or as needed for traffic & crowd control or on-site security. They also have over three months of governmental training an are proficient in verbal de-escalation, first aid, firearms, state law and have real world policing experience.

Closure Permits & Engineered Drawings

Don’t take chances. Each municipality has its own requirements and way of conducting business. 

Crowe Overwatch has the resources to move the permitting process along smoothly. From pulling local permits to providing engineered drawings, when needed, we can help.

Special Event Management & Permitting

We can provide all of the services you’ll need regarding planning and implementation for concerts, festivals, marathons, corporate parties, carnivals, sporting events or whatever special you’re putting together

Fully Insured

“Crowe Overwatch Security maintains general and professional liability, workers compensation, and auto insurance levels consistent with the highest industry standards.”​