Law Enforcement Officers for Your School

Eliminate police response time and make your school safer by calling us today!

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Law Enforcement Officers for Your School

"Eliminate local response times by having police officers in your school daily, ready for any encounter!"

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#1 in Nashville simply by doing what we say will.

Our guards and police officers are available day and night, 24/7 or for just a few hours. Our guarantee is that we’ll show up clean, in uniform, and on time. If there’s ever a problem, we’ll solve it immediately. We thank you for your trust and look forward to working with you.


Law Enforcement Officers

Experience the relief of knowing that the same heroes protecting your family at home are in your schools, protecting your students.

Your officers will be active duty or retired commissioned officers that are 100% certified by the state and approved for all Tennessee schools, both public and private.


Free Security Assessments

Get an introductory safety and security assessment absolutely free of charge.

Identify areas that can be quickly addressed and actions that can be taken, on a low cost basis, to immediately improve your schools safety and security.


Security Vehicles

Further protect your students and staff by providing the additional deterrent of branded security vehicles.

You have two levels of vehicles available to you. One is a side-by-side UTV and the other is a roadway truck or sedan.

Who You Hire Matters!

We’re local, fully insured & managed by certified Tennessee law enforcement officers.

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