Metal Detector & Wand Rental

"Keep your patrons, employees, and clients safe from hidden danger."

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Metal Detector & Wand Rental

"Ensure your paperwork is compliant and that your personnel are on time, in uniform and ready to serve."

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Metal Detection Solutions for all Events and Businesses

Crowe Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detector Rental

   Look no further regarding the protection of your people and property. We have all of the metal detectors you’ll ever need.

   Our metal detectors meet the highest industry standards and are well suiting for all scenarios.

Wand Metal Detector

Wand Metal Detector Rental

   Wands are a great enhancement for walk through metal detectors as they help eliminate the need for physical contact.

   Once the main detector senses an object, you can pinpoint its location on the person.

Walk Through Metal Detector Delivery

Expert Installation & Operation

   We will deliver and setup your metal detectors anywhere in the U.S. And, we can provide trained technicians to operate them, or train your security personnel.

   If you need permanent security personnel or just for special events. We can do that too.


Who You Hire Matters!

We’re local, fully insured & managed by certified law enforcement officers.

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