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"Experience peace of mind knowing you've stopped theft and vandalism before it happens."

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Stop theft and vandalism before it happens...

"Get protected from theft and harm by Nashville's most versatile security provider, today!"

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Who You Hire Matters!

Our fully insured company consists of active and retired law enforcement, first responders, and veterans. Crowe is your safe choice!

Both our guards and Police are 100% certified by the state of Tennessee.

Crowe law enforcement officers enjoy the same rights, responsibilities and privileges as any other government officers.

Crowe will keep your annual safety and security assessments current, design an implementation plan that fits your budget and provide the necessary personnel to keep everyone safe.

Crowe is the only company in Nashville that provides all of the services you’re going to need. From traffic plan drawings and equipment to the personnel on the ground, Crowe Overwatch will ensure a smooth project, every time.

Crowe in the News

See some of our officers hard at work keeping the streets of downtown Nashville safe during special events.

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Who You Trust Matters!

“Led by law enforcement officers with over 60 years of real world policing experience! Your only safe choice is Crowe.”

Remote Video Surveillance

Our trailers are fully autonomous. They operate on solar power and cell service so you never have to worry about not having coverage.

Connect Anytime

You can monitor your own sites and will be notified when unwanted visitors are detected or check in on your employees whenever you want.


Crowe offers off hours monitoring. We can monitor your cameras with you or pick up during the hours you would prefer not to be disturbed. 

Join our growing list of satisfied clients!

Fully Insured

“Crowe Overwatch Security maintains general and professional liability, workers compensation, and auto insurance levels consistent with the highest industry standards.”​

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