100% Certified Security Guards

Armed or Unarmed

Get protected. Prevent theft, harm and damage with on simple call, today!

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100% Certified Security Guards

Armed & Unarmed

"Get protected. Prevent theft, harm and vandalism, today!"

Fast, FREE Quotes.....

#1 in Nashville simply by doing what we say will.

Our guards and police officers are available day and night, 24/7 or for just a few hours. Our guarantee is that we’ll show up clean, in uniform, and on time. If there’s ever a problem, we’ll solve it immediately. We thank you for your trust and look forward to chatting with you.

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On-site Security Guards

We secure all types of organizations both public and private.  

  • Businesses & Offices
  • Garages & Parking Lots
  • Construction Sites
  • Factories & Warehousing
  • Religious Organizations
  • Schools & Universities
  • Special Events
  • Government Facilities
Fire Watch

Night Security & Fire Watch

Be free of worrying if your home, business, or job site is going to be safe and secure from all manner or harm and destruction, while you sleep.

Schedule protection whenever you need it, every day, periodically or in an emergency.

Police Security Guard

Special Event Security

Easily stay compliant with all local regulations and enjoy having professionals operate every aspect of your event security.

All the correct permits will be pulled, every barricade will be in the right place and every post manned by the correct level of personnel, required by law, from certified guards to police officers.

Who You Hire Matters!

We’re local, fully insured & managed by certified Tennessee law enforcement officers.

Check availability & Get your fast free quote, in minutes!

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