Large or small, we have a luxury restroom solution for your event. Book now while they're in stock!

Luxury Restroom
Trailer Rental

Luxury Restroom
Trailer Rental

#1 in Middle TN simply by doing what we say we will.


Bathroom Trailer Rentals

We all know how nice it is to get out of the weather and rest for a minute. 

Treat your clients, talent and employees with an air conditioned luxury restroom trailer. Two separate areas for both men and women, and up to 10 stalls, provides a level of comfort that is unmatched. 

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Bathroom Interior

Luxury and Cleanliness

All of our trailers are clean, well kept and we provide an on-site attendant will that will make sure they stay that way throughout your event, creating a satisfying experience.

Enjoy indoor comfort at outdoor events, every time.

Police Security Guard

Security Personnel & Event Equipment Rental

We’re also Middle Tennessee’s preferred security, police and traffic control company offering safety equipment from barriers and barricades to illuminated message boards and walk through metal detectors.


Who You Hire Matters!

We’re local, fully insured & managed by certified Tennessee law enforcement officers.

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